To shut your pondless waterfall down, first unplug your pump and pull it out of the water along with the check valve. Clean the scale and debris from the pump. Next, store the pump in a frost-free location, submerged in a bucket of water. You can also choose to keep the waterfall running.

How do you prepare a water feature for winter?

How to Winterize Your Water Features

  1. Remove plants. You can remove plants from your water features as late as the first frost. …
  2. Clear algae. If you find algae in your water feature, use a water-activated granular algaecide. …
  3. Drain everything. …
  4. Take the pump out.

How do you winterize an outdoor fountain?

Here are eight steps to winterizing your outdoor fountain so it can provide peaceful pleasure again next spring.

  1. Drain the Water.
  2. Clear Water From Pipes.
  3. Add Non-Toxic RV Antifreeze To Pipes.
  4. Disconnect Power and Remove, Clean and Store Pump.
  5. Clean and Do Maintenance.
  6. Repair Cracks.
  7. Elevate the Fountain.
  8. Cover the Fountain.

How often fill pondless waterfall?

Under normal conditions, the reservoir only requires refilling once a week at most, but you may need to refill more often in hot weather. A hot, dry spell could mean you’re losing 3 inches of water a week to evaporation.

How do you winterize Aquascape?

Quote from video: One of the first things you want to do prior to going into winter is remove as many of the leaves. And debris as possible that have accumulated in the bottom of the water feature.

How do you winterize a waterfall pump?

Quote from video: You will want to drain the line to avoid damage. Put the pump fault lid and/or rock lid back into place remove any debris and leaves from the stream.

Do you need to winterize a water feature?

Now is the best time to winterize your landscape water features, before the frost and cold weather really sets in. Winterizing water features in your yard now will prevent complications later this year and will help ensure your babbling brook, waterfall, or koi pond will run for years to come.

Can you put antifreeze in outdoor fountain?

Do not add any de-icing product or chemical antifreeze to a fountain. It will not prevent winter damage, but it will pose a serious health risk to children, pets and wildlife.

Do I need to cover my fountain in the winter?

If your fountain is left uncovered, snow melt can accumulate and that water freezing and thawing can cause permanent damage to your fountain. Fountain concrete is slightly porous and allows small amounts of water to be absorb into the fountain surface.