Work from the roots towards the outer ends using short strokes. When passing the Matt Breaker through the coat in long strokes keep it parallel to the skin and avoid plucking upwards.

How do you use a matt breaker?

Quote from video: Simply hold the nut splitter between your finger and thumb. And slide through the mats if necessary you can repeat a few times as you can see we have now divided the mat and several pieces.

How do you use Mikki Matt master?

Directions For Use

First use a Mikki comb or brush to help locate genuine matts. Then use the Matt Master with short strokes and work progressively. Don’t force the Matt Master as this is ineffective and will cause discomfort to your pet. With very dense matts use a sawing motion by rotating the twist.

How do you use dog mat remover?

Quote from video: Start at an outer edge and simply saw your way deeper into the mat. Pull away the tool at a 45 degree angle to the skin the blades divide the mat and the blade angle helps cut through the matted.