How do you size a basket muzzle?

Start at the eye of the dog and measure down to the tip of the nose to get an accurate muzzle length. To measure for the proper circumference, start one inch below the eye and measure all the way around the nose of the dog. For proper muzzle fit, you must add length to each circumference measurement.

How is muzzle length measured?

HOW DO I SIZE MY DOG FOR A PROPERLY FITTED DEAN & TYLER MUZZLE? Snout Length – Measure distance from one inch below eye base to tip of nose, along bridge of snout. Snout Circumference – One inch below eye base, with mouth closed and tape measure snug, wrap tape measure around the snout.

How do you measure a dog for a basket?

If you’re getting a basket muzzle for your furry friend, make sure to measure from the top of your dog’s snout to the bottom of your dog’s snout with her mouth a little bit open since the basket muzzle allows your dog to open her mouth a little bit for panting and drinking water.