Feed a pup evaporated milk mixed in a 50/50 solution with water. Warm the solution to 90 degrees Fahrenheit before feeding it to the baby hamster. Administer the solution via syringe or feeding wick (available at most pet stores). You may also use puppy or kitten formula.

Can baby hamsters survive without the mother?

Even if the babies are with their mother, you must watch them carefully to make sure she’s caring for them properly and not hurting them. Without a mother, hand-reared hamsters have very little chance of survival, even with your dedicated care.

Can baby hamsters drink human milk?

Avoid Cow’s Milk

While adult hamsters can drink small quantities of milk, orphaned baby hamsters need milk that matches the mother’s milk as closely as possible. Levels of fat and protein in hamster’s milk are different from those in cow’s milk.

Can baby hamsters drink water?

Baby hamsters also need to have clean water always available to them. Once they’re old enough to eat hamster food, they need to be regularly drinking water, too.

How do you make hamster milk?

You can provide hamster pups with a milk formula when their mother is unable to nurse.
Create a milk mixture.

  1. Combine equal parts evaporated milk and water.
  2. Heat the mixture to 90 degrees Fahrenheit before you give it to the baby.
  3. Use a syringe or specially designed feeding wick to feed the pup.

What can you feed a baby hamster?

Feed them with Lactol; a milk formula as a replacement for mother’s milk. Milk is to be given every hour until they are 7-10 days old using an eyedropper. Do not squirt the milk but instead, let a drop of milk hover on the dropper and let the pup suck or lick it.

What kind of milk can hamsters drink?

Like humans, hamsters would probably prefer whole milk, but whole milk has way too much fat. Skim milk is a much healthier option. You never want to give your hamster chocolate milk as it can be loaded with sugar, and chocolate is poisonous to hamsters. Also avoid other flavored milks, such as strawberry.

Do hamsters like scrambled egg?

Yes! Eggs are an excellent source of protein, as well as vitamin A, B vitamins, and iron. Hamsters can have eggs cooked in a variety of ways, including scrambled, baked, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, or oil free pan-fried eggs. It is extremely important to not feed your hamster raw egg whites.

How old are my baby hamsters?

Hamsters live on average 2.5 – 3 human years.

Hamster age Human age
1 month 14 years
2 months 20 years
4 months 26 years
6 months 34 years