Use containers, such as salt shakers with gauze over lid area, to contain bugs. Put live bedbugs in 3 of 5 containers, fecal matter and dead cells in the other two. Provide your dog with only the live bug shakers and let him sniff them, provide treats or play time as a reward after sniffing.

Can a dog sniff out bed bugs?

Specially trained dogs are able to quickly and accurately detect bed bugs through all life cycle phases, from eggs to adults, meaning they can find these elusive pests in out-of-reach locations such as inside walls and behind baseboards.

How do you prepare for a bed bug sniffing dog?

Remove Distractions

Air-conditioners, forced-air heaters and fans should be turned off and windows should be closed to minimize air movement and outside noise. Air movement could take our pups off the scent and make it harder for them to locate the source of the bed bugs.

Can pets sense bed bugs?

Dogs have a powerful sense of smell that can detect even just one bed bug. Digging deeper than that, dogs can sense whether they have found live bed bugs with eggs or dead bed bug carcasses. With some special training, your pup can sniff those bed bugs out like professional pest control companies!

Are bed bugs afraid of dogs?

Bedbugs, unlike fleas or lice, do not actively infest their hosts. They do not live on cats, dogs, or humans. Cats, dogs, and humans do not spread bedbugs directly on their bodies (although all three species can be bitten by the parasites).

How effective are dogs at finding bed bugs?

Overall, the dogs displayed a 97.5% accuracy rate at distinguishing live bed bugs from other household pests with no false positives. They had a 95% accuracy rate at distinguishing live bed bugs and viable eggs from bed bug debris, with a 3% false positive rate from bed bug feces.

How much does a bed bug detection dog cost?

How Much Does a Bed Bug Detection Dog Cost? The price of bed bug dogs varies by area and the specific pest control company. On average, a bed bug detection dog costs between $200 and $500 per treatment.

Is there a spray for bed bugs?

There are no magic sprays that kill bed bugs very well. Most commercial insecticides will kill bed bugs if applied carefully and directly to the insects and their hiding places. An exception is “Bug bombs”, or aerosol foggers. Foggers are mostly ineffective in controlling bed bugs.

What is a bed bug heater?

#2 Zapp Bug Bed Bug Heater

Kills 100% of bed bugs in all life stages, including eggs, nymphs and adults. Non-toxic bed bug heat treatment equipment, family and pet safe: No pesticides or chemicals. Easy to use: One person set-up, load with items and press on. Tent folds flat for storage. Large-size chamber.