Using a mixture of 1 part bleach to 4 parts hot water wash the sides of the tank with the mop (or pressure washer) in order to remove the slime and dirt build up on the sides and corners of the tank. Scrub the build-up on the bottom and use the wet/dry vacuum to remove the rinse water from the tank.

What can I put in my water tank to purify it?

Ef-Chlor Water Purification Tablets are formulated to be more effective and convenient than filtering or boiling. Ef-Chlor is the most easy to use and effective product on the market to maintain tanks water and ensure the water is safe for you to drink and Household use.

How do I purify my water tank?

Quote from video: Using a mixture of one part bleach to four parts hot water wash the sides of the tank with the mop in order to scrub the slime and buildup on the sides. And scrub it any corners.

Which chemical is used to clean the water tank?


Chlorine is an effective and low-cost chemical for disinfecting water storage tanks.

How much bleach Do I need to disinfect my water tank?

Use 1/4-cup of liquid household bleach (sodium hypochlorite) for every 15 gallons of fresh- water tank capacity.

What is a natural way to clean well water?

Yes, boiling is the surest way to kill bacteria, viruses, and parasites in the well water. To boil the water so it will be safe, heat it to a full swirling boil. Keep the swirling boil going for at least one minute before you use the water. Store the boiled water in a clean, covered container in the fridge.