Download and Install Anaconda

  1. Go to the Anaconda Website and choose a Python 3. …
  2. Locate your download and double click it. …
  3. Read the license agreement and click on I Agree.
  4. Click on Next.
  5. Note your installation location and then click Next.
  6. This is an important part of the installation process. …
  7. Click on Next.

How do I download Anaconda to my laptop?

Installing Anaconda on Windows

  1. Steps: Visit …
  2. Visit the Anaconda downloads page. Go to the following link: …
  3. Select Windows. Select Windows where the three operating systems are listed.
  4. Download. …
  5. Open and run the installer. …
  6. Open the Anaconda Prompt from the Windows start menu.

Where do you put Anaconda on Windows?

What is the default path for installing Anaconda? If you accept the default option to install Anaconda on the “default path” Anaconda is installed in your user home directory: Windows 10: C:\Users\<your-username>\Anaconda3\ macOS: /Users/<your-username>/anaconda3 for the shell install, ~/opt for the graphical install.

Do I need to install Python before installing Anaconda?

The answer for you will be No. if you already had anaconda installed in your laptop, once you open it up you will realized you can install Python within the software. Anaconda will not only included Python, R also will be included.

Does installing Anaconda automatically install Python?

Installing the Anaconda platform will install the following: Python; specifically the CPython interpreter that we discussed in the previous section. A number of useful Python packages, like matplotlib, NumPy, and SciPy. Jupyter, which provides an interactive “notebook” environment for prototyping code.

How do I know if my Anaconda is installed?

Visit to get started. You can confirm that Anaconda is installed and working with Anaconda Navigator or conda.
Anaconda Navigator

  1. Windows: Click Start, search or select Anaconda Navigator from the menu.
  2. macOS: Click Launchpad, select Anaconda Navigator. …
  3. Linux: See next section.

Does Anaconda come with Python?

anaconda is the metapackage that includes all of the Python packages comprising the Anaconda distribution. python=3.9 is the package and version you want to install in this new environment.

How long does it take to install Anaconda?

approximately 10 to 15 minutes

While it is mostly unattended, the download and installation of Anaconda can take a fair amount of time (approximately 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the speed of your system), so it is highly recommended to do this before you arrive at the tutorial session (and when you have access to a decent internet connection).

How do you use Anaconda in Python?

Click Start All Programs Anaconda (64-bit) Anaconda Command Prompt. A command prompt window will open. Type idle to run the Python interpreter. A new window titled Python Shell will open and you will see the Python >>> command prompt.