There are two ways by which one may take cuttings of dracaena – from the top and through stem cuttings. Since both methods of growing new dracaena plants will take root quickly, the method of dracaena plant propagation chosen is simply the preference of the grower.

Can you grow dracaena from cuttings?

Dracaena is one of the most popular of houseplants because it is easy to grow and it comes in numerous varieties, all with stunning foliage. Growing dracaena from cuttings is a great way to rejuvenate an older plant, to get new plants for your home, or to share with friends.

How do you breed a dracaena?

Quote from video: Every cane will have at least 3 to 4 shoot. So you can cut them and propagate them so I already propagated 3 to 4 of its baby plants this is the direct soil propagation.

How do you propagate stems from dracaena?

  1. Chop up the stem into sections 20-30cm long. …
  2. Place the base of each section in a jar of water and stand it in a warm position. …
  3. Check for white nodules around the base of the stem, which will develop into long roots. …
  4. Look for swellings emerging and pushing through the bark.
  5. How do you get dracaena to branch?

    Quote from video: Water the Dracaena deeply and infrequently supplying. It with lukewarm distilled. Water or rain water whenever the soil surface around the plant feels dry to the touch.

    Does Dracaena root in water?

    Dracaena marginata cuttings are very easy to propagate in water. The long stems, which are called canes, reach and twist towards the light. Their normal growth habit is for the canes to become very long over time.

    Should I trim my Dracaena?

    The best time for pruning dracaena plants is when the plant is actively growing in spring and summer. If possible, avoid dracaena trimming while the plant is dormant in fall and winter. Be sure your cutting blade is sharp so cuts will be clean and even. Ragged cuts are unsightly and can invite disease.

    How do you make Dracaena grow tall?

    Dracaena can grow to be quite tall (between 4 and 10 feet) if left unpruned. When the plants are growing out of bounds, simply cut off the tops, bringing them to the desired height. They will re-sprout. After pruning, you can root the cut tops to have even more plants to pass along to friends.

    How fast does dragon tree grow?


    It takes about 8 to 10 years for the slow-growing dragon tree to reach just 2 to 3 feet (0.5 to 1 meter) of height, and 30 years for the tree to reach maturity. New leaves grow only from the very end of the youngest branches of a dragon tree.

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