11cm x 15cm11cm x 15cm. Attach your tunnel to this entrance hole, nailing it from the inside of the crate. Drill a hole that will fit the hosepipe into the back of the crate. Make the hole near the top, with the hose resting on the ground outside – that way air can get in but not rain.

How small a hole can a hedgehog get through?

13 x 13cm

13 x 13cm (5 x 5”) holes in walls or fences will let hedgehogs through but be too small for most pets.

How big should a hedgehog tunnel be?

13cm by 13cm

13cm by 13cm is sufficient for any hedgehog to pass through. This will be too small for nearly all pets.

How do you attract hedgehogs into hedgehog houses?

Hedgehogs are mostly nocturnal, so put the food out just before you go to bed – that gives them a better chance of getting to it first. Finally, only put a little food out at a time – they like cat food, although ideally you want them to eat your garden’s pests. More on this below.

Should you line a hedgehog house?

Hedgehogs like to furnish their own homes with leaves and garden debris – it’s part of their hibernation ritual – so don’t line the box for them. Don’t disturb the box once it’s occupied. You might frighten a nesting mother and cause the young to be abandoned.

How do you make a hedgehog hole?

Get together with your neighbours to make a hole in your fence or dig a channel beneath garden boundaries to connect your gardens.

  1. You will need: A fence panel. …
  2. If your neighbour is happy, remove a fence panel. …
  3. Measure and mark a 13cm x 13cm hole at the bottom of the panel.
  4. Using the coping saw, cut out the marked hole.

How do you attract hedgehogs but not rats?

To feed hedgehogs without attracting rats, put out food such as cat food, that hedgehogs will eat, but rats won’t. You can also put food out later at night, supervise the hedgehogs eating, and clear away any leftovers once finished. Make sure food is stored away safely so that rats can’t access it.

Do hedgehogs tunnel under fences?

Trails – Hedgehogs have regular routes they follow each night and leave tell-tale ‘tunnel’ tracks through longer grass, shrubs and hedges as well as gaps in fences.

When should I put out my hedgehog house?

April and October are the two best months to put out a hedgehog house. Either side of their hibernation season. By April hedgehogs will be out of hibernation but are still to produce hoglets and October is before hibernation but when most litters have been weaned.