FRONTLINE Dog Flea & Tick –

Does Walmart sell Frontline flea?

FRONTLINE Plus for Small Dogs (5-22 lbs) Flea and Tick Treatment, 3 Doses –

Which is better Advantage II or Frontline?

FRONTLINE Plus and Advantage II are both effective in eliminating fleas in all life stages. Both products feature three-way prevention that lasts up to a month. But when it comes to severe infestations and broad-spectrum protection, FRONTLINE is a better choice between the two.

Which is better Frontline or Frontline Plus?

Frontline Plus boasts all of the benefits of the original Frontline Spot On product but it comes with a dual action formula that not only kills fleas and ticks on your pet but it also prevents the eggs from hatching in and around your home.

What is the generic for frontline?

Firstect Plus is the generic equivalent to Frontline Plus® for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens 8 weeks and older, Firstect Plus contains Fipronil and (s)-methoprene – the active ingredients used in Frontline Plus® for cats.

What is Frontline price?

Frontline Price: The undiscounted price offered by a wholesaler to a retailer.

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