Luckily this isn’t usually a problem because dwarf hairgrass grows so quickly. This means that runners are produced regularly and the carpet spreads over the whole tank in no time. If propagation isn’t happening as fast you’d like, then you can speed it up by making sure the plant has everything it needs for growth.

How long does it take for dwarf hairgrass to spread?

Size and Growth Rate

In moderate-high light intensity, it will reach its maximum height in about 4 weeks. This means that it can grow at a rate of 1 to 1.5 inches per week. If you are growing the plant from seeds rather than shoots, it will take about a week or two extra to reach its full height.

How do you stop dwarf hairgrass from spreading?

Divide the hairgrass into patches of 4 to 6 blades of grass.

If you use bigger patches you’ll significantly slow down the spread speed of the grass.

What happens if you don’t trim dwarf hairgrass?

If you don’t trim it, it throws out longer and longer leaves to avoid shading itself out. Eventually you have 6+ inch tall DHG. It may start throwing runners up into the water column also.

Is dwarf hairgrass easy to grow?

In Conclusion. Dwarf hairgrass is a beautiful carpet plant that’s relatively easy to grow in both temperate and tropical tanks. These plants are self-propagating, so you can start with a few plants and soon have a lush, green carpet adorning the substrate of your aquarium.

Can I grow dwarf hairgrass without CO2?

By following the guide below, you should be able to grow dwarf hair grass carpet (DHG), Monte carlo (MC), Microsword (Lileopsis species), and Marsilea species without injected CO2. Glossostigma may require more light.

Does dwarf hairgrass grow sand?

Tank Requirements for Dwarf Hairgrass

Substrate for Dwarf Hairgrass should be no more than 1.5 inches thick. Sandy substrate works best for this plant, as it allows the fine roots to grow and anchor into the sand easily. The roots of the Dwarf Hairgrass plant are almost as fine as the blades are.

Does dwarf hairgrass multiply?

Most of the time dwarf hairgrass is used as a carpet, coating the bottom of the tank in a luscious green field. It’s a fast-growing plant so you can create this effect with just a small amount that will quickly multiply.

Does dwarf hairgrass need high light?

Dwarf hairgrass needs a moderate to high level of lighting in order to grow. It also can’t have any plants around that will block the light since it can’t photosynthesize in shaded areas. The lower the lighting, the taller the plant will grow, the higher the light, the more horizontally it will grow.