The oils in hedge apples are well known for repelling pests such as spiders and mice. And the good news is, using hedge apples to repel these pests couldn’t be easier!

What is a hedge apple good for?

Hedge apples have historically been used as a way to fence in and control livestock (hence the name “hedge apple”). Hedge apple wood is useful for the production of items including tree nails, tool handles, electrical insulators and fence posts.

What Apple gets rid of spiders?

Hedge apples are the fruit of the Osage orange tree, which is native to southern Oklahoma and northern Texas. Hedge apples are not poisonous, but they are an effective repellent against insects and spiders. Using hedge apples to control your spider population is an easy, chemical-free pest-control option.

What smells help keep spiders away?

Here are the best scents to use to deter spiders in your house:

  • White vinegar spray.
  • Mint plant or essential oil.
  • Catnip plants on the exterior of your house.
  • Cayenne Pepper flakes irritate their senses.
  • Citrus essential oil.
  • Marigold essential oil.
  • Peppermint essential oil.
  • Horse Chestnuts around baseboards.

Can humans eat hedge apples?

Hedge apples, also known as osage oranges, are generally considered inedible. This is largely due to the unpalatable taste of its fruit despite its orange-like smell. However, hedge apples are non-poisonous. And those who can look past the hedge apple’s bumpy, ugly exterior, eat its seeds.

What animals eat hedge apples?

Squirrels and chipmunks love hedge apples; humans do not, but they’re not poisonous. Cattle can choke on them.

Where do you put hedge apples?

Quote from video: Under the sink or around the perimeter of your home. One hedge apple in each closet or area is sufficient hedge apples are also interesting and appealing to look at.

Do hedge apples repel ants?

In addition, sliced hedge apples placed in enclosed, small spaces did repel insects. However, there is still no evidence that putting whole fruit around the house or in the basement will have any effect on insect pests.