With a double stand, you can keep two aquariums in the same floor space as a single tank would take. If you are like many fish lovers, there is never enough room for all the fish you want to keep. Having a second tank doubles the fish keeping options.

Can you put two fish tanks together?

No problem. If you have a spare aquarium or can afford a second smaller aquarium, you can create a water bridge that increases the area available to your fish by connecting two or more aquariums.

Can you stack tanks?

Tanks can be securely stacked with each other in any combination without requiring costly conversion brackets or racking.

How do you stack an aquarium tank?

Quote from video: You can minimize the space that they take up by simply stacking them on top of each other now in the past I've actually shown how to build aquarium stands. And multiple level aquarium racks.

How do you put two aquariums together?

Quote from video: Alright so how we're gonna do it is achieve an easy way can you use PVC pipe there's our elbows connectors and assume glue another be handy is PVC cutters just cuz it'll. Make it easier.

How do you build a bridge between two tanks?

Quote from video: You don't need any tools for the most part really if you're going to cut your own glass you just need a cheap handheld glass cutter as opposed.

How do I make my fish tank bigger?

Quote from video: And then we'll be able to have a look at all the way life that's running around it inside this water. So that's getting a little bit open see. Hopefully the buckets gonna level itself. Off.