A productive pond can be anywhere from a quarter of an acre to a full acre, depending on the size of your property. Sure, you can build it larger, but keep in mind this will require more money due to construction and maintenance time. Also, the bigger you build, the more water you’ll need.

Can I just dig a hole to make a pond?

Depending on where the rock layer is found, the pond may need to be built completely or halfway above grade. The deeper you can dig, the better the pond will look. It’s tough to make a pond look natural when it’s sitting 18 inches above the surrounding soil.

How close to property line can you build a pond?

Many areas have no specific regulations, but others require set backs of anywhere from 50 to 300 feet. These rules are generally based on local soil and rainfall conditions. Setting a pond closer than the recommended or regulated limits is likely to result in damage when the water overtops the banks.

Do you need a permit to dig a pond in Ontario?

Provincial Ministry of the Environment Ontario Water Resources Act Permit to Take Water — Regulates water taking operations (>50,000 litres per day) from watercourses and ground- water sources. Ponds taking 50,000 litres of water or more per day must obtain a Permit to Take Water.

Is it good to have a pond in your backyard?

Conserving Water

By having a pond in your yard, you’re not only reducing the square footage of grass and other plants that need to be watered, but you’re also adding a natural “holding tank” for rainwater and runoff. You can even direct the runoff from your roofs into the pond to collect even more water.

Can I put a pond on my land?

Though a pond can be installed on nearly any type of land, your soil has to be compatible or the water won’t hold. Cliff refers to soil that holds water as “plastic soil.”

Do I need planning permission to build a pond?

Even if your proposed pond will be small and shallow, the excavation of a pond may be defined as an engineering operation which may require planning permission. Its always best to check with your local planning authority before hand.

How do you build a large pond on your property?

Quote from video: You would like a site where you put a dam across a gully or a ravine or a grass waterway. And back up no more than between 10 and 20 acres of ground draining. Through for one acre of pond.

What is the minimum depth for a fish pond?

A 4-foot depth should be at least 8 feet long. A pond 8 feet deep should be about 12 feet long, while a pond 21 feet deep should be about 17 feet long.