We require all pets be current on their rabies vaccinations and to wait at least 48 hours after any vaccination is administered to use our salon or dog wash services.

Can I walk around PetSmart with my dog?

The following pets are permitted in PetSmart stores provided the pets are appropriately secured (leashed or safely confined) and vaccinated (as appropriate for the particular type of pet): Domestic dogs and cats. Birds.

Does Pet Valu trim dogs nails?

Simply make an appointment, drop them off at the store, and return to a clean, fresh-smelling pooch with a sleek, shiny coat, trimmed nails and more. For your dog, the benefits include a clean, soft skin and coat. Their nails will be trimmed to a comfortable length, and the hair will be out of their eyes.

Who is Pet Valu owned by?

The company is owned by private equity firm Roark Capital Group. Markham, Ontario-based Pet Valu Canada is a separate, profitable company and will continue to operate its stores and website.

How old is Pet Valu?

For more than 40 years, Pet Valu has earned the trust and loyalty of pet parents by offering knowledgeable customer service, a premium product offering and engaging in-store services.

Can I leave my dog somewhere for a week?

In most cases, anything beyond four weeks is considered too long—and many kennels have their own limits. Dogs with histories of separation anxiety or anti-social behavior could react negatively to boarding after just a few days.

Is OK to not take a dog for walks?

Most dogs love them and they can be a wonderful part of our day. That being said, it is not necessary to take a walk every single day. Many dog caretakers feel like they are failing their dogs if they skip a daily walk. In fact, it is usually nothing to worry about, and sometimes it’s exactly what your dog needs!

Do long nails on a dog hurt?

Long claws are more prone to chipping, tearing, splitting and breaking, which can be very painful and may require veterinary treatment. As well as being prone to damage, when a dog stands or walks on a long-clawed paw it puts pressure on the wrong parts of the foot, causing pain and discomfort.

Do vets sedate dogs to cut nails?

Ask for a sedated nail trim.

Unless there is a medical reason not to sedate your dog, your vet should be able to do a sedated trim. Being sedated should make the nail trim process less traumatic for your pup.

Can you permanently remove dog nails?

The answer to the question is yes. People may think declawing is reserved mainly for cats, who can scratch uncontrollably and ruin your furniture, but declawing dogs is an option in certain medical situations.

Who is the CEO of Pet Valu?

Richard Maltsbarger

Richard Maltsbarger Director and President & Chief Executive Officer.

Why did Pet Valu go out of business?

While Pet Valu declined to comment beyond its news release Wednesday, industry experts said the retailer had some weaknesses surrounding its store layout and e-commerce platform that hindered its ability to successfully compete — like it once did — in a crowded, and rapidly changing, U.S. market.

How big is Pet Valu?

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Can I take my dog to PetSmart without shots?

To maintain a safe, comfortable environment, we require all pets to be current on their rabies vaccinations and to wait at least 48 hours after any vaccinations before checking in. Proof of rabies vaccination in the form of paperwork is required.

What dogs are not allowed in PetSmart?

Furthermore, for the safety of all animals and associates, we cannot accept dogs of the “bully breed” classification or wolves/wolf hybrids including American Pit Bull Terriers, Miniature Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Bull Dogs, Bull Terriers or mixed breeds that

Can dogs walk around in Target?

Target does not allow dogs (other than service dogs) into the store due to health regulations. (This is the same reason why dogs are permitted only in outdoor patio restaurants, not indoors at the restaurant.)

Will my dog be OK with a pet sitter?

A sitter won’t be the best option for a very territorial dog and protective of its space. The sitter will need to spend some time in your home every day, so you need to trust them. Whether you can is another matter. Damage occurring when your dog is home alone isn’t out of the question.

Can I leave my dog for 2 days?

Your dog will likely be just fine staying in your home while you’re gone, so depending on how much of the two days you will spend away from home, you can always ask a friend, neighbor or family member to stay over or stop by a few times to spend time with, feed, and check on your dog.

Can I leave my dog alone for 4 days?

Pets should never be left alone for extended periods of time, particularly social animals like dogs. There are many different options to make sure that your pet is safe when you are out of town on vacation. The best choice will depend on the needs of your pet.