Gliders are not rodents, so most gliders do not regularly chew on their toys or accessories and they don’t ingest wood because it is not a food source. Unsafe Woods include: treated or non kiln-dried Pine, Cedar, Red Cherry, Plywood, Oak, Box Elder, Boxwood, Red variety Maples, and Walnut.

What toys do sugar gliders play with?

Sugar Gliders are natural foragers in the wild, and puzzle toys are a great way for them to exercise this natural instinct. These toys are also great for their mental and physical health and will tap into their prey and foraging instincts.

What materials are safe for sugar gliders?

Good fabrics to use would be denim or anti-pill fleece. These are best because the fabric is woven so small/tightly they will keep from fraying for a very long time (especially if washed frequently and correctly) and makes it very hard for your Sugar glider’s nails to get stuck.

What can sugar gliders chew on?

Gliders in the wild will often chew on eucalyptus wood and take the leaves back to their nesting area. They love the smell, and chewing helps their teeth as well. (Psst, it’s also a natural bug repellent!) You can purchase bundles of organic eucalyptus from our website.

What can you not put in a sugar glider cage?

Most Vets agree that the kinds of wood shavings use for animal cages (typically pine or cedar) are NOT safe for sugar gliders – because they almost always contain something called “phenols” (a natural toxic substance).

Do sugar gliders need toys?

Sugar Glider Toys! They need something to do, some stimulation when you’re not able to have them out of their cages and playing with them. Even a pair needs toys to play with together. They need things to swing from, jump to, and forage.

Are rope toys safe for sugar gliders?

Ropes can be safe as long as they are maintained properly, and the glider’s nails are kept trim. There have been safety problems noted when excessive fraying occurs. Gliders have lost circulation to legs by getting tangled in ill maintained ropes.

Do sugar gliders like to cuddle?

They are quick, love to climb, and will glide from place to place if their space allows it. Plus, as nocturnal animals (meaning they’re most active at night), they like to cuddle up in a cozy nest during the day to sleep.

Can sugar gliders have bedding in their cage?

You do not need bedding in the nest box, but you can add a sleeping pouch or other soft cloth for your sugar glider to cuddle in. Make sure there are no loose threads or loops that the glider could get caught up in (fleece works well) and that the glider is not eating the fabric. No wood shavings should be used.