To help prevent fungal disease throughout the growing season, spray the strawberry plants every 10 days to two week with Bordeaux mix, sulfur or neem oil.

What can I put around my strawberries to keep bugs away?

Try organic methods of pest control when protecting strawberries from insects and other pests. Organic methods for keeping pests away from strawberries might involve hot pepper spray, rotten eggs, blood meal, castor oil, orange peels, soap, and human hair.

Is neem oil safe on fruit?

The good news, you can use neem oil on vegetables or fruits. However, there are a few things you should know before treating your garden.

What plants should you not use neem oil on?

If your plants have fur, needles, and any other way to allow pests to crawl deeper in the leaves to escape the Neem Oil, it won’t be effective. Plants that have fuzzy leaves, like most Calatheas, are also plants you should not use Neem Oil with.

Is neem oil safe for fruits and vegetables?

Neem oil is available both in concentrate (to be mixed with water) and in ready-to-use handheld spray bottles. It is safe to use on both ornamental and edible crops and can be sprayed on herbs and vegetables up to the day of harvest.

How do I control aphids on my strawberry plants?

The University of California’s Integrated Pest Management Program recommends insecticidal soap to treat strawberry plants, because it has the least impact on beneficial insects. Treat when aphid numbers reach an average of 10 per leaf. For smaller numbers of aphids, spray the pests away with a stream of water.

How do I stop slugs eating my strawberries?

I mix petroleum jelly and copper sulphate and put round the rim of the pots. This keeps the millipedes away, and is also effective for slugs and snails.

Is neem oil poisonous to humans?

Toxicity. The ingestion of neem oil is potentially toxic and can cause metabolic acidosis, seizures, kidney failure, encephalopathy and severe brain ischemia in infants and young children.

Is neem oil safe for humans to eat?

The remaining portion of neem oil is made of fatty acids, essential oils and other substances that are commonly eaten in a normal diet. These substances are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the United States Food and Drug Administration. In other countries, neem oil has been used on cats for flea control.

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