Can two different species of rats live together?

Rats can live together with other rats, but they will kill and eat mice as well as other small rodents. Any rodent who is considered territorial or who is a predator (omnivore or carnivorous) should not be housed with other species due to the high risk of predatory behavior occurring.

How long does a dwarf rat live?

Several factors can contribute to increased rat life expectancy. Whether we are looking at the fancy rat lifespan, the dumbo rat lifespan, or the white rat lifespan, the factors are all the same. The average life expectancy of 2 to 3 years.

Can two rats live in the same cage?

Rat companionship

Rats can be housed in pairs, although a trio or more often live in better harmony as they create their own social network. Pairs of rats can sometimes get agitated with one another and will tend to show dominant behaviour. Time spent out of the cage and fun training can help prevent this.

How do you introduce rats to a new rat?

Quote from video: After a day or two of allowing your rats to adapt. You can begin swapping items and bedding in the cages. This allows your wraps to get used to each other sense being in their safe space swap.

How many rats should you keep together?


We recommend that you house at least two compatible rats together. They can also be housed in compatible groups. Providing companionship is an important aspect in their care. However you will need to take care to avoid mixing entire male rats with entire female rats to avoid having any unintended litters of baby rats.

How many pet rats is too many?

It is advisable not to get many more than 4 rats of the same age at any one time. It can be hard enough when all your rats reach old age and begin to become prone to the old age related illnesses. Vet bills can quickly mount up and all seem to come in at once.

Are dwarf rats intelligent?

While rodents may scare some people and get a bad reputation, rats are extremely intelligent animals and make great pets if you care for them properly.

Are dwarf rats good pets?

Dwarf rats do make great pets just like regular ratties, but they’re not recommended for new rat owners or young children. They’re small in size but big in personality!