Yes, Standard Bronze turkeys will reproduce naturally.

Can Bronze breasted turkeys breed?

The broad breasted bronze turkey derived from the bronze turkey being crossed with larger, faster growing breeds. Because they are broad breasted, it is difficult for them to mate naturally. Many times they are bred through artificial insemination.

Do Bronze breasted turkeys lay eggs?

Broad Breasted Bronze turkey hens laid an average of 60 eggs per heft to June 1. Eighty-eight percent of these eggs were fertile and 78.4 percent of the fertile eggs hatched. The average hatchability of all eggs set during the season was 69.1 per- cent.

Are bronze turkeys broody?

Bronze rank number five on our taste scale but only because of the dark feathers, they don’t dress as cleanly as a white feathered turkey. Even though the size makes some visitors nervous, they are very calm natured and docile. They are good layers but tend to be less broody than the others.

How long do Bronze breasted turkeys live?

Once the most popular domesticated breed, the Bronze Turkey fell out of favor somewhat in the mid to late 20th Century, and it is now classified as being critical.

Quick Facts about Bronze Turkeys.

Breed Name: Bronze Turkey
Lifespan: 3-7 years
Climate Tolerance: 70°F–80°F
Care Level: Moderate
Production: Meat

Do bronze turkeys breed naturally?

Naturally mating, long-lived, slow-growing strains of Bronze turkeys, known as the Standard Bronze, have been left even further behind by the turkey industry. A few tenacious breeders maintained small flocks, participating in poultry shows, and raising a few for family and friends.

What turkeys can breed?

7 Turkey Breeds for Farms

  • Black. The plumage of this variety is a lustrous, metallic black with a greenish sheen on top and a dull black undercolor. …
  • Bourbon Reds. Bourbon Reds have brownish to dark red plumage with white flight and tail feathers. …
  • Bronze. …
  • Jersey Buff. …
  • Narrangansett. …
  • Slate. …
  • White Holland.

Can white breasted turkeys reproduce?

These birds have shorter breast bones and legs than other breeds and are unable to reproduce naturally. And they must be artificially inseminated. Today the Broad Breasted White turkeys are grown in large, fully automated grow-out barns, which may house as many as 10,000 birds.

Are broad breasted bronze turkeys a heritage breed?

Standard Bronze turkey, a heritage breed.

Weighing Self Sufficiency vs Economics.

Heritage Turkeys Broad Breasted Turkeys
Flighty Flighty only when young
May be aggressive Usually docile
Long lived Butchered young
Feed breeding stock year round Order poults each year

Are bronze turkeys better?

Bronze turkeys tend to be more traditionally reared and are usually free range. Like their Black cousins, they are famed for a distinctive gamey flavour and moist meat, but also have a firm texture.

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