Netherland Dwarf bunnies make excellent pets because of their docile behavior. These bunnies are small in size and make for the perfect lap companion.

Are Netherland Dwarf rabbits friendly?

The first dwarf rabbits behaved more like these wild rabbits than domestic animals and were not good pets. However, through generations of selective breeding, the modern Netherland Dwarf has become a gentle, friendly pet rabbit, though it still can retain a more energetic disposition than larger breeds.

Is a Netherland Dwarf a good pet?

The Netherland Dwarf rabbit is a tiny bundle of energy, but this dwarf breed makes for a great pet rabbit. Netherlands Dwarf rabbits are perfectly sized to be house rabbits. When handled well, they’re friendly and docile, and are good pets.

Do dwarf bunnies like to be held?

Rabbits don’t particularly like being picked up, carried, or cuddled, so do these things as infrequently as possible. Your rabbit will most likely be jumpy, but may be willing to sit still on your lap after developing trust over time.

Are dwarf rabbits good house pets?

In my opinion dwarf rabbits are one of the best caged pets you can get. They are small and low-maintenance, and they can become very loving and loyal. If you are looking for a small house pet I definitely recommend getting a dwarf bunny!

Do Netherland Dwarf rabbits like to be cuddled?

Are Netherland Dwarf rabbits cuddly? It might take a bit more effort and patience, but if you show your new Netherland Dwarf rabbit that they are a part of your family, they will become cuddly. These bunnies want to be affectionate, but they are also easily frightened.

Do Netherland Dwarfs like to be held?

Because wild rabbits made such a large and recent contribution to the breed’s genetics, Netherland Dwarfs tend to be skittish. They generally don’t like to be picked up or held, and they’re quick to bite and scratch when frightened.

Do Netherland Dwarf rabbits stink?

They’re fastidious about personal grooming, so the only odor you’ll get off your bunny is of clean fur and fresh hay. Their urine does have a noticeable aroma though, so to keep their whole habitat sweet smelling, clean it out regularly and target the areas they use for toiletting every day.

Do dwarf bunnies bite?

‘Healthy, happy rabbits aren’t generally aggressive,’ Rosie says. ‘Sometimes, though, even if your bunnies are well looked after, they may lunge, bite or give a sharp nip. To understand this behaviour, you first need to get to grips with your bunnies’ nature. ‘