Unfortunately, the biscuits have been discontinued.

Is Iams discontinued?

IAMS Veterinary Diets to Be Discontinued. Mars Petcare, who owns IAMS brand pet food, is discontinuing their line of veterinary prescription pet foods. This is only for prescription diets. The over-the-counter pet foods made by IAMS are still in production.

What happened to Iams dog food?

In 1999, Procter & Gamble acquired the Iams Company, as it is now known, and expanded to selling pet food in 70 countries worldwide. Then, in 2014, the company was sold to Mars Inc.

Is Iams lamb and rice discontinued?

DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER: Iams Dry Dog Food Lamb and Rice Proactive Health Food for Dogs, 7.0 lb.

What is Iams dog food?

Iams (/ˈaɪəmz/) is an American brand of dog food and cat food manufactured by Spectrum Brands in Europe and Mars, Incorporated worldwide. The company sells pet food for cats and dogs formulated for puppy/kitten, adult and mature.

Is Iams dog food made in China?

Iams primarily sources their ingredients in the USA depending on availability. Like most other pet food and human food companies, some vitamins and minerals are supplied by their trusted partners in China.

Did IAMS discontinue senior dog food?

It has apparently been discontinued and replaced with Iams Healthy Aging. (Same purple colored bag.) It says it’s the same formula but my dog does not tolerate it. Very disappointed to have to find him a new mature dog food at this stage in life but he just can’t stay on the new Iams.

Does Iams have a recall?

IAMS Dog Food Recall 2019, 2020

There have been no recalls on Iams dog food in and the brand is not among those under scrutiny in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) list.

Is there a dog food shortage?

As many of you have probably already noticed, the recent COVID pandemic has led to a pet food shortage that could last until 2022. Shortages in raw ingredients, packaging materials, and problems with shipping across the US means that pet food companies are struggling to keep up with the increased demand from 2020.

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