Temperament & General Behavior Chinese Algae Eaters are semi-aggressive fish. For the most part, they’ll just spend their time alone at the bottom of the tank. They’re not particularly showy or active and prefer to hide instead.

Are Chinese Algae Eaters territorial?

You should consider a Chinese algae eater for your tank if you have plenty of space for this bottom-dwelling species. Don’t buy a Chinese algae eater if your tank contains fish of a similar size or appearance to the Chinese algae eater, which could provoke aggression and territorial behavior.

Can algae eaters be aggressive?

Gyrinocheilus aymonieri “Chinese Algae Eater” and related species are often sold as algae eaters too. These not only grow to 27cm/11″ or so, but are also aggressive, territorial fish that do not mix well with other fish when they start to mature.

Can Chinese Algae Eaters live together?

Temperament and Behavior

These fish are also not prone to schooling or other social behaviors. So in addition to not liking fish their own size, they also don’t like fish from their own species. They may even take other Chinese algae eaters as a potential threat. If housed together, they will likely fight.

How big do Chinese Algae Eaters get?

The Chinese Algae Eater typically grows to a maximum of between four and five inches long in captivity, although wild specimens often reach 11 inches.

How do you get rid of Chinese algae eaters?

You could try trapping it inside a bottle (put an algae wafer inside). If removal is getting too hard, then maybe try adding a small power head pointing to a smooth flat rock – hopefully your CAE will stop going after the Discus with this setup.

Can Chinese algae eaters live with bettas?

Although the two species look similar, the Chinese Algae Eater is very aggressive and should never be kept with a Betta.

Can Chinese algae eaters live with guppies?

Although guppies and Siamese algae eaters are fairly different species, they have no problems cohabiting in the same environment.

Can Chinese algae eaters live with goldfish?

A fish with a reputation for eating algae might seem like a great companion for a goldfish. After all, such a fish could help clean the tank off algae. However, the Chinese algae eater is a poor companion for a goldfish for a number of reasons.

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